About Us

We are a modern Scalp Clinic

MicroScalp Clinic is the first global Scalp Micro Pigmentation clinic of Massachusetts that is renowned for bringing innovative pigmentation treatments and clinical eminence to the United States. Since the inception of our company, we have helped an endless number of men from all around the world to fling their hair loss tribulations behind for good.

What do we ensure?

Our objective is to ensure that every MicroScalp Clinic’s client gets the most pragmatic result, by proffering a tailor-made service on every case. We comprehend that, as everyone is unique with different requirements and preferences so the treatment should be. The track record of our success states our position unquestionably second to none in providing first rated client satisfaction.

To fulfill our aim, we empower our clients with a complete 12-month assurance to watch against any unanticipated financial outlay because of short-term fading. Mostly after treatment, some clients experience fast partial fading, but it is a natural, practical part of the procedure. Nevertheless, if any of them feels that the pigments have faded more than usual, we are there for you every time to guarantee the outcome will be the same as it should be, and yes no additional treatment costs will be charged.

Additionally, you will find no any other SMP company in the world that provides a free public forum permitting all clients past, present and forthcoming, to communicate the treatment and their experiences in a healthy, unadulterated atmosphere.

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Why choose us?

We acknowledge that these cutting-edge treatments cannot be executed in general hospitals; therefore, we have our customized facilities that are not only well equipped but also embrace the highly skilled team of specialized pigmentation technicians. This is the reason behind providing utmost patient comfort while delivering the exceptional results that set a standard for all other clinics. Our clinics in the United States are now in five locations, so, you can attain the SMP treatment more effortlessly than ever. We also have specialist SMP technicians in our clinics that facilitate you with all the solutions to your queries.

Prudence is mandatory:

We constantly invest in high-end equipment

MicroScalp Clinic has worked very hard for many years developing the unique SMP technique. It is essential that potential clients comprehend that it is not for the result you see at present, but more importantly, the look of the treated scalp in upcoming years. As the fame of our unsurpassed treatment has risen, various contenders have appeared looking forward to cash in this opportunity by providing SMP services. You should remain attentive as not every company can deliver the same results, so, it is imperative to ask for separately provable case studies before giving approval to any treatment plan.

Unlike other companies where they use permanent makeup inks or tattoo inks for pigmentation, we understand that conventional inks are not suitable for this treatment. Our pigments never change color because they are 100% organic and contain no color additives. A growing number of clients of our rivalry companies are coming to us for remedial work following disastrous hair tattoo treatment.

If you or someone you love is experiencing hair loss

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